SUMMER AT THE ROCK | 2017 Summer Camp

March 9, 2017

Dear Camp Families,

We are praying that you have had a great school year so far and a wonderful start to 2017.  Summer is right around the corner and as you are making your plans please consider joining us again for Summer at the Rock.  This year we are offering 9 weeks of camp fun (June 5 through August 3)!  This schedule allows for our teachers on campus to prepare their classrooms for the summer and to prepare them again coming back to school.  Notice that we are ending camp on a Thursday because many of our workers will be back to school on August 4.  Also please note that we will have camp on July 4th but we will not be having after care on July 4.  Please make sure you pick up your camper by 3:15pm.  Camp registration fee this year is $105/week per child (before care is $5 and after care is $10), with the daily rate being $35, due to the passing of the minimum wage proposition last November.  Weekly fees are due the previous week.  We can take cash or check, but are not able to do credit cards onsite.  We do have an online payment option in which you can use your credit card.   Please take time to read through this letter, including the back page for general camp information.

The Purpose of our Camp? Summer at the Rock is designed to provide a safe and Christ loving environment for our workers and campers.  The camp is first a leadership camp training for our middle, high school, and college youth.  These youth will gain on the job training skills in a variety of areas to help prepare them for their future work experiences.  The camp is also a great place for our elementary youth to spend their summer having lots of fun.  Our goal is to have our campers come back to work the camp when they are older.  We will have many activities, games, and Bible studies for them to participate in.

Weekly Events:

Every Wednesday at camp is “Water Day.”  Your camper(s) can either bring or wear their swimsuits to camp so that they can enjoy the water activities, including a slip ‘n’ slide. We suggest that your camper(s) bring a towel marked with their first and last name. Please apply sunscreen on your camper(s) before they come to camp. It is highly suggested for campers to wear water shoes to prevent any falls.  Campers are allowed to bring water guns, but we ask that the water guns are EMPTY when they come to camp. Campers will be allowed to fill them up at camp. Please mark them with their first and last name. We would suggest a backpack to hold their belongings.

Every Thursday during camp we have a special day in which your child can participate by dressing up in the weekly themes.  Look for each week’s theme and updates during Wednesday check out.

Lunches:  Campers may bring their own lunch in a small cooler or sack.  Lunches will be refrigerated.  All lunches should be clearly labeled with the camper’s first and last name and grade level.   Alternatively, lunch may be purchased from Subway for $5/day and Mama’s pizza for $5/day.  Lunches can be pre-paid on the registration form, but please let us know the day of as to what lunch your camper wants that day when you sign them in (this is no longer on the form to avoid any confusions). Lunches will be ordered by 10am.  If you sign in after that time, there will not be a lunch ordered for you.

Snack time:  Please provide your camper(s) with a morning and/or afternoon snack and label the snack with your camper’s first and last name, grade level, and AM/PM snack.  It is easier for our staff if the snacks are in separate Ziploc bags and labeled with am/pm, camper’s name, and grade level.

Water bottles:  Please provide your camper with a water bottle.  We would not suggest an expensive one as items easily get misplaced throughout the day.  When a camper does not have a water bottle we have to provide a cup to them.  This is a waste each day and adds to our trash that is created.  Don’t forget to put your camper’s name on the water bottle.

Personal Property:  Camp is a fun and exciting experience that could easily lead to misplaced items.  We request that electronic items, iPads, cell phones, gaming devices, trading cards, etc. be left at home.  If any personal property is brought on to campus, being allowed or not, it can be taken away by a staff member if deemed necessary and returned back to the parents upon pick up.  Any property that is brought onto campus will be solely the responsibility of the camper.   The camp is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Before bringing any item on to campus it is best to ask the camp director if it is ok.

Safety on Campus:  Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are not allowed onto campus and will not be tolerated, resulting in an immediate expulsion from camp.  Fighting is not allowed on campus.  Anyone involved in a fight (bullying) are subject to being kicked out of camp.

Lost and Found:  In order to keep track of your camper’s items, we ask that all items be clearly marked with your child’s first and last name as well as their 2015/2016 grade level.  Such items should include:  towels, lunchboxes, backpacks, water bottles, extra clothes, etc.  Please look over the names each week as they can wear off and be hard to read.

Refunds:  Refunds will only be issued if notice of cancellation is submitted by Friday of the preceding week.  For example, fees paid for June 12-16 week will only be refunded if notice of cancellation is received by June 9.  Registration fees will not be rolled over to future weeks of camp.

If you have any questions please email me at or call me at 520-297-3095.

Sign in/out:  We will be using KidCheck again this year.  If you joined us last year then your account should still be good, just update any information if needed.  If you do not have an account, please make one before you drop your camper off on the first day to make things go smoother and quicker.  Please visit, click sign up, free account, and follow the necessary prompts.

Camp Times: Camp begins at 9am with earliest drop off at 8:30am without being charged for before care, with before care beginning at 7:30am.  Camp ends at 3pm with the latest pickup at 3:15pm without being charged for aftercare, after care begins at 3:15pm.  Please be careful and use precaution as you pick up and drop off your campers, following the speed limit signs and watching out for others.

Age groups: Each class is divided by age and gender.  We can accommodate requests only if the gender is the same and the age range is not more than 2 years.  Some classes fill up more than others, and some ratios are lower than others.  It can be the case in which a certain class has to be capped on a given week and no more campers can register for it.


Justin Wixon

Director of Discipleship

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Ascension Lutheran Church and School

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